Wednesday, October 13, 2010

YLOS - What a Line Up!

You LOVE our scene, and here's why . . .

The line-ups.

In an effort to draw bigger and more diverse crowds, venues and bookers have gotten really good at putting together an equally big and diverse bill.

By booking a teen punk band, with indie folk, rock and pop acts people who might be coming out for one band are going to be exposed to new music they wouldn't normally get exposed to. Clay Nutting, founder of Concerts 4 Charity: Sacramento talked about this in our interview back in August. He agrees that creating an eclectic bill is a key factor and step to strengthening the local music community.

So when I saw this Luigi's Fungarden show poster I was really excited because it seems that this mixed-genre booking trend is becoming more and more popular in the area. Even if you haven't heard of ANY of these bands, all it takes is a little research and finding one you like and that $5 is worth it. But, you're probably busy and the show is tonight. No problem. I did the research for you!

The headliner, Holy Rolling Empire, a psychedelic pop quartet from Tuscon, AZ is currently on a West Coast tour promoting the release of their new EP Noise Will Be Noise. They were signed to Newport Beach's Burning House Records back in 2008.

  Gigantis by Holy Rolling Empire

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Sacramento's Musical Charis is not only a band but an institution. The Musical Charis Music School, in partnership with Concerts 4 Charity: Sacramento, is a non profit organization dedicated to children's music education.

Musically, they say their tunes are reminiscent of "REM's Green Album and Jefferson Airplane's live performances with a modern Fleetwood Mac twist." 

What do you think?

This year's Sammies Outstanding Teen (Punk) Band, Dog Party, are indeed outstanding. Sisters Gwen and Lucy Giles, play more shows then most "grown up" bands in the area [I've personally seen them open for Agent Ribbons at Old Ironsides]. AND they are already signed to local label, Half of Nothing Records.

But as much as they like getting lots of gigs, bars are not their favorite venues because they think bars are smelly and I agree.

Experimental indie rock band Der Spazm will most likely round off the night with jams, improvised song breaks, and all around great sound. Formed in 2006, this band has performed all over Sacramento and have developed a strong local following. 

Derek Miller of SN&R best described their shows as "pretty much the equivalent of Jesus buying you a drink at the bar. You can't say no. It gets better too. Jesus likes your band tattoos and says he's down to smoke you out while listening to Sonic Youth" (5/21/09). 

Don't miss this amazing and diverse line up
TONIGHT at Luigi's Fungarden | 7:30 PM | All Ages | $5

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