Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 Sammie Winners + Recap

Goodness Gracious Me start off the night.
The 19th Annual Sammies were held over the weekend and I was able to catch some of the action.

It was quite the block party over at the R Street Corridor. They had a beer garden, courtesy of Coors Light, a huge stage set up between 14th and 15th Street, and even early on the place was packed!

In between performances by local favorites Goodness Gracious Me, The Nickel Slots, Storytellers, and The New Humans, awards were announced.

The Audio Man, Ira Skinner,
announces of the night's
(*Just A Few*) 2010 Sammies Winners

Outstanding Experimental
Tera Melos

Outstanding Emcee
Random Abiladeze

Outstanding Indie
Sister Crayon

Outstanding Indie/Electro/Progressive
The New Humans (Their THIRD Sammie in a ROW!)

Outstanding Teen Band

Dog Party

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Some of the businesses along the R Street Corridor offered specials for the block party goers. Muse Hair Boutique raffled off gift cards. Top This! Yogurt sold fro-yo for only $1! And Space 07 Salon gave haircuts with a nice view of the Sammies stage.

There were some awesome and not-so-awesome things about the awards show Saturday night. To start with a positive, I thought the hosts had a ton of energy (one being Adam Saake - organizer of the Sac Electronica Fest). And I loved the carnivalesque theme of the whole affair - the hosts dressed as ring leaders, the Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Experience had their sirens help present the awards, and there were a couple of stilt walkers milling about the crowd.

What was disappointing was the fact that many of the presenters did not know the nominees of their category forcing them to either look them up in a copy of SN&R or to skip listing the nominees (who I think at least deserved to be mentioned) all together.

Then, when winners were announced, because all the nominees weren't congregated in one location, their names were repeated multiple times and many didn't even go up to accept their award.

So aside from the obvious disorganization of the awards process, I thought the performances were excellent, and that getting local businesses involved was a great idea. And, I'm really interested to see what the organizers will do for the 20th Anniversary of the Sammies next year.

Wanna see more photos? Take a look at our 2010 Sammies Album.


Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more about the award malfunction. gotta get more organized. still, you should have stuck around it got mad crazy, N

Paduta.Com said...

Yes I heard many tails of the craziness! I had some other stuff to cover that night sadly. Lately there has been so much awesomeness happening on the same night - it's been hard to cover it all!

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