Thursday, October 14, 2010

LoveLikeFire Coming to Townhouse THIS Saturday!

Once again, Clay Nutting and Adam Saake of Concerts 4 Charity: Sacramento have outdone themselves with another killer line up.

San Francisco's LoveLikeFire are being joined by I'm Dirty Too, The Dreaded Diamond and The Kelps at the Townhouse Lounge on Saturday night [October 16th | 9 PM]. Along with these amazing bands, DJs will be spinning records in between sets and probably upstairs as well.

As with all of C4C's shows, proceeds will go to their organization which helps raise money for music and arts education for kids in the Sacramento area. So YOU get to rock out for a great cause.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect from the show, here's a little breakdown . . .

LoveLikeFire = Ann, Dave, Eric, and Marty

What is most amazing about LoveLikeFire isn't just Ann Yu's vocals (though they are powerful) or how catchy their tunes are. 

What impresses me the most about this indie band by the bay is that many of their successes they achieved on their own. They self funded two EPs, and booked themselves on regional and national tours (at huge festivals like CMJ and SxSW, and have performed with bands like Black Kids, Mates of State, and Cloud Cult).

In 2008 they were signed to UK label Heist or Hit which helped them release their first full length album Tear Ourselves Away in 2009 and currently they are on a West Coast tour and will be performing multiple shows with Film School (LA).

  LoveLikeFire - Signs by Paduta

Sacramento's I'm Dirty Too is a two-piece consisting of Jess Gowrie (she played drums for the black metal band Red Host from 2006-8 with Chelsea Wolfe) and Zac Brown (Dusty Brown, DOOMbird). They say their name pretty much describes their sound which is good old fashioned "dirty guitar, fuzzed out bass, intense driving beats" garage rock.

Check out their MySpace to hear a few tracks - I personally recommend "Screamer."
Dreaded Diamond = Juli Lydell, Tyler Lydell,
and Addison Quarrels

A few weeks ago, I received an excitable Facebook message from Clay at C4C about The Dreaded Diamond and this is what he had to say:


This band is going to EXPLODE and we can all say we knew it first."

Well said, Clay.

The Kelps = Tony Reyes, Cory Baringer,
and Cameron Betts
The Kelps are a nice late addition to this already awesome line up. I think they have the energy to balance out the mellow tunes of Dreaded Diamond and to compliment I'm Dirty Too.

They were also one of the nominees for Outstanding Indie for this year's Sammies.

They describe their music as blues inspired "indie" but by no means do they wished to be defined or CONfined by any genre:

"Music isn't confined by genres. Music isn't confined by audience. Music shouldn't be confined at all."


Hope to see you all at the Townhouse Lounge on
Saturday night for this great show for a great cause!

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