Friday, October 8, 2010

YLOS: Saturday Night's ALL Right

You LOVE our scene! And here's why...

There are so many good shows/events happening this weekend - I don't know what to do with myself. This post proves there is a strong music scene in Sacramento.

This Saturday alone I am torn between three different shows of mixed genres and venue. So if you're at all like me, and you can't seem to decide where to catch a great show, let me give you a hand. 

And away we go!

Saturday - October 9th

Sammies Block Party: Located at the R Street Corridor (between 14th and 15th), Sacramento News and Review is throwing a good old fashioned block party to announce the winners of the 2010 Sammies. Located conveniently next to some yummy restaurants (like Magpie, Cafe Bernado, and Burgers & Brew), there will also be a beer garden, and live music. Plus, the event is FREE (well except for the beer and food, of course).

Click the "Sammies Block Party" link above to check out the full schedule and line up of performances. I'm personally looking forward to the Joints & Jams Showcase featuring Mike Colossal, DJ Rated R, Random Abiladeze, and Tribe of Levi.

One of the things I LOVE about Sacramento's music scene our variety of venues. Take the Sacramento Bike Kitchen for example: normally a non-profit, volunteer-run bike shop offering tools and expertise to those seeking bicycle repair, this organization has become a quirky local hot-spot to drink a few beers along the train tracks and catch a show.

For this month's Second Saturday, the Bike Kitchen is presenting The Blue Diamonds with Travis Colorado's Midnight Moonshiners. It'll be a FREE night of music along with beer & Two Rivers Cider, snacks and as the flyer advertises . . . good times.

This is another great option for anyone in a rut looking for someplace new and unexpected to check out local music.

If there is one thing I've learned in the brief amount of time TERROREYES.TV has been up and running is that they have great taste in new music.

Having no clue who any of the bands listed to the left were, I quickly did some research and found all three of them were amazing! Craft Spells is a super New Wave inspired pop band from Stockton [Party Talk 7" from Captured Tracks on iTunes | Amazon | Insound]; Backwords a psychedelic folk rock outfit from Brooklyn, and Woman Year (a.k.a. Michael RJ Saalman, who has worked with Pregnant).

Diverse, experimental music - another great show at The Hub. AND only FIVE BUCKS!

So there you have it, Padutans: my weekend show conundrum. 

Are you going to any of these shows? Have any advice for me?

Leave a comment - I'll go to whichever show 
gets the most votes from you!


n said...

go to the sammies, then to the hub, then back to the sammies afterparties?

Paduta.Com said...

I like it!

And since you're probably the only one who will leave a comment, I'd say I'll be sticking to your plan tomorrow evening.