Monday, November 1, 2010

of Montreal + Janelle Monae = Sensory Overload

On Friday night at the Warfield [Oct 29, 2010] not only did I get to see of Montreal for the SIXTH TIME (yep) but I saw Janelle Monae for the first.

Between the fish-headed, gun wielding robots (pictured left) to dancers dressed as nuns, pigs, kids with skulls, a dragon, confetti and feathers, the night was totally sensory overload!

Seeing shows like this in SF however makes me wish that Sacramento could bring this kind of event to one of our venues. of Montreal has performed here once before (at Sac State actually - thanks to the amazing folks at Unique). But, I'd love to see a show like this at Memorial, hell, why not the Convention Center or on a smaller scale, Harlow's?

Don't get me wrong - some GREAT shows have been put on at most of those places. But this - this doesn't happen everyday.

Watch a LESS SFW video of "Sex Karma" + "Girl Named Hello" 

I'm telling you - if you haven't seen Janelle Monae live - do it and do it soon. I had a feeling she was going to put on a great show. I mean, I saw her perform "Tightrope" (LIVE) on Letterman before her album was released and figured - yep, I was going to be blown away.

But by her intro, the Archandroid's warning from the future, I knew this was going to be not just a concert, but a full experience that I would never forget.

She sang many of the hit tracks from her album, and somewhere in the middle of her performance she came out and performed a heartbreakingly beautiful take on Michael Jackson's favorite "Smile." The crazy San Francisco stopped jumping and pushing and screaming, and we all just stood there and took in the quality and caliber of her voice. No words could describe it.

I know of Montreal isn't everyone's cup of tea. I guess it's the spirit of this show that I wish people in Sacramento could experience not just more often but more easily. Not everyone can drive out to SF for every great show - so how about we start petitioning bigger indie bands who are known for their performance art (not just their music) to come and perform in our humble little big city?

Post messages to their Facebook walls, tweet about how great Memorial and Harlow's and the Blue Lamp are, and maybe bands like of Montreal (or do I dare hope for Flaming Lips???), or outstanding singers like Janelle Monae would be more inclined to make a pit stop on their way in or out of the bay.

It couldn't hurt.

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Their power pop is commercial friendly, yes, but smart. With a sophisticated sound and a knowledge of the business, DPA has not only released an EP City Streets (available on iTunes) but are now back in the studio recording more new material. They are the number one Sacramento band on ReverbNation's charts and I think we can expect a lot more from these two in the near future!

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