Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neo-Crocker 2010 | Modern Culture Party

Last Sunday, I (along with most of Sacramento) attended the opening of new Crocker Art Museum. I have to say I was completely blown away by the clean, white modern structure. Inside there was wonderful natural lighting from the multitude of glass windows, and what I liked best was the bridge they built connecting the historic Crocker with the new structure.

Not only that but entrance was free for the entire day!

The whole affair was certainly geared toward two specific age ranges: the very young, and the very . . . not so young. At the O Street Stage, the Shadechasers (that's right) performed songs from the American songbook (a.k.a. "Old McDonald Had a Farm") to the youngsters sitting on their fishy rugs. And at the Main Stage traditional Greek dancers wowed the audience.

Nothing really for anyone in their late teens to mid-30s, well except the art of course.

What some of you might not know, is that the new Crocker has a staffer who is booking indie acts (especially local ones) to perform there. For anywhere between $10-15, you can catch some of your favorite bands performing in a pretty cool, unexpected venue.

If you can't wait until December 16th when Chelsea Wolfe will be taking the stage, this Saturday from 8 PM - 2 AM the Crocker is hosting the Neo-Crocker 2010: A Modern Culture Party.

RJD2 will be the headliner of the evening, with supporting performances by local favorites like DJ Shaun Slaughter, NSAA & Ross Hammond, and Exquisite Corps to name a few.

Plus there will be fire-dancing, a free form fashion show, a Social Sculpture by Danny Scheible, video mashups and short films by Movies on a Big Screen, and more!

Aye, but's here's the rub - like many things with "neo" in front of it, this is a pretty pricey event: $75 presale, and $95 at the door. Here's the deal, if you have the money, come out and support a great event and this beautiful new museum. If not, save up and come out to one of the many less expensive shows the Crocker has scheduled starting December 16th.

>> More pictures from the Crocker Museum Opening <<

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