Monday, October 18, 2010

Neo Crocker | A Modern Culture Party (Recap)

The view of the Neo Crocker Modern Culture Party
Okay so I got lucky . . .

I got a free ticket to the first major event at the new Crocker Art Museum since the grand opening. It was a hefty ticket price [$75 presale/$95 at the door] and it wasn't until I arrived that I understood the high cost.

When you walked in, in front of you short films were projected on one of the sides of the museum. DJ Shaun Slaughter was spinning records as fire dancers performed on the main stage.

There was laser show, a huge bar, waiters walking around with delicious hors d'oeuvres, and this is just what was going on as you arrived! 
Guests were dressed up and I'm not only talking about looking fancy - some folks were wearing extremely eccentric and artistic outfits - one man wore a jacket covered with watches.

A few separate events were going on inside the museum itself as well. On the ground floor early on there was a fashion show and music.

RJD2 (picture left) opened his show at 11 PM with the Mad Men theme "A Beautiful Mine" and continued for the rest of the night performing his other popular tracks and doing some classic DJing as well as the rest of us danced our butts off!

As awesome as all of this was (and oh, it was!), I was most impressed and moved by ElectroPoetic Coffee's performance on the third floor - which happened to also be in my favorite room in the new museum.

This extremely creative duo is made up of jazz musician/guitarist and host of improvisational music series Nebraska Mondays at Luna's Cafe Ross Hammond and poet/spoken word artist and neo folk singer NSAA (pronounced "en-sah-ah").

The combination of moody electric guitar and smart, insightful poetry in the art museum setting created a memorable experience that was extraordinary and memorable. One of the audience members was actually moved to tears by ElectroPoetic Coffee's music and words. I highly recommend checking out this duo as well as their separate work.

See them soon at:

Phono Select Records
Tuesday | Oct. 19th | 7 PM

24th Street Theater (LA)
Friday | Oct. 22nd | 7:30 PM

Sol Collective
Saturday | Oct. 30th | 9 PM

All together the event was exciting and vibrant. Keep an eye out at Crocker's website to see when new events and shows are happening!

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alison said...

This is a great write-up. I've been stalking the interwebz for recaps/photos ever since the event. Glad to have stumbled across your blog!

(That's me on the right of the modeling pic. Totally swiped it :)

Paduta.Com said...

Thanks so much alison!

The event was amazing, right? And man RJD2 KILLED it. I actually walked past Muse salon earlier that day and saw you guys getting your hair done. The clothes were fabulous!

I try to post as much as I can about what's going on around town - places to see great shows for little dough, photos from festivals, etc. So keep checking back for more updates, articles and more!

Oh and tell your friends :)

alison said...

TOTALLY amazing. Hope you didn't inhale too much hairspray walking past Muse!

Consider yourself RSS-ed. I will definitely pass the word along as well. Feel free to check out my site, too. It's not local in particular, but I like it ;D

Paduta.Com said...

Thanks! And yes, there was quite a haze of hairspray in the Muse area that day : ) But seriously, they were wicked hair styles!

And I did check out site! Looks really amazing - like the photos.

Thanks for spreading the word : )