Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wanderlust 2010 - the Recap!

Aaaaand . . . we're back!

What an amazing trip - beautiful scenery and super nice people. Plus great food and music!
View from High Camp

As I mentioned in our
Wanderlust Festival preview post, this year the structure of events was very different. Instead of this being a music festival with yoga, it was the other way around.

I really think this has to do with ticket sales and schedule conflict. Last year, bands played all day long at High Camp (pictured left) while yoga classes went on in the Village simultaneously.

Yoga with a View (High Camp Class)
This year music was a celebratory affair. Yoga folks posed all day in a number of glorious and breathtaking settings, and then danced their well-toned butts off during the headlining performances on the Pulse Stage at night.

And for those who took a break in between classes a number of artists and groups performed in the middle of the Village on the Casbah Stage. Nick Brunner from Off Air on Capital Public Radio introduced two of these performers: Kelli Scarr and John Shannon.

Kelli Scarr | Friday July 30th

A few things struck me about the young vocalist. First off, she's from Folsom and so am I! Secondly, she has a great tone. She sounds like a bluesy, modern Karen Carpenter. Scarr has the ability to both really belt it out and to be quiet and moody. 

After a little research I was even more excited to hear that she's been featured on NPR a number of times:

John Shannon w/ his band | Sat. July 31st

Here's the thing, I completely admire and respect the mystical and spiritual aspect of Wanderlust, but I just don't get it. I'll take a few yoga classes, but I'm no fanatic (I certainly can't do a handstand). I may appreciate it, but I don't regularly listen to new age music.

So I have to admit, I was thoroughly surprised by John Shannon last weekend. His album American Mystic illustrates his personality and sound to a tea.

Think of him as Sting and Matthew McConaughey's love-child: he's super chill, at one with the earth, and has a strikingly memorable voice - oh and he plays a mean 12 string!
I have to give BIG HUGE thanks to C3 Presents who made sure Nick and I not only had tickets to the festival, but an amazing room, and backstage/photo passes. These guys and gals put on not only Wanderlust, but Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza! Check them out!

Photos by Meg Sevier & Nick Brunner | Wanderlust 2010

Next Time . . . Wanderlust Recap: Backstage Edition!

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