Friday, August 27, 2010

Buboniks Self Release "Sick" Debut

The Buboniks are Mikey Bubonik (guitar, vocals),
Brian Bubonik (upright bass) and Andy
Bubonik on drums.

The Buboniks put the "psycho" in psychobilly!

Their debut album, a self release called Rock Like a Murderer, is filled with tons of raw energy and excitement. Imagine Adam Ant, the Stray Cats, and your favorite horror flick wrapped up in one band and you'd have The Buboniks.

Once again, a Sacramento band has proven that with enough drive and passion, musicians can produce and release solid records without signing to a label first.

>>Buy Rock Like a Murderer<<

  Rock Like A Murderer by Paduta 

See what I mean - so much energy and loud awesomeness coming from these three guys (did you see one of them plays the upright bass? Upright!). The Buboniks' debut is not only part of a distinct a genre but it celebrates it as well. Mikey, Brian, and Andy take psychobilly to the next level - they have managed to make Rock Like a Murderer more accessible through catchy song writing and still gritty and, yes, a little terrifying.

This Saturday, August 28th, Mikey Bubonik is doing a solo performance at The Plea for Peace Center in Stockton with Imperial Can, Brian Hanover, Danny Secretion (of THE Secretions) and Johnny Young. It starts at 8pm and is only FIVE BUCKS! If you live in Sacramento, this show is worth the short drive! And, if you're in Stockton - no excuses! Be there for this show!

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