Thursday, August 5, 2010

Backstage with Moby at Wanderlust!

Quite possibly the coolest part about the Wanderlust Festival was the access Paduta was lucky enough to have thanks to C3 Presents and of course Nick Brunner and Capital Public Radio.

A particular dream of mine came true Friday night when I got my first chance to actually take pictures with all the other really real photographers along with some video during Moby's killer DJ set.

Not only that but I got closer than ever before to him "side" stage during his acoustic set with fellow Folsomite and amazing vocalist Kelli Scarr. We (meaning Nick and I) recorded so many great videos of both Moby sets that I thought a vlog of sorts was the best way to capture his involvement with this year's Wanderlust Festival.

Friday Night

First up, we met the nicest lady backstage who got her pass from a friend who said she could have it ONLY if she got Moby's autograph. Sure enough, Moby came out of his trailer for a few moments (I mistakingly and crudely thought he was taking a leak - he was not) and Nick and I handed over our schedule along with an Insight on Capital Public Radio pen and cheered her on as she walked over to him.

While taking photos in front of the stage (thanks to my trusty photo/video pass) I caught some video of Moby and the crowd. What I didn't capture was what happened moments later: security increased along the crowd barricade because all the yoga folks almost pushed it over with their intense passion for house music.


Nick and I hung out "side" stage during Moby's acoustic set with female vocalist and tour mate Kelli Scarr at the Yoga Tree Tent. This ended up being a very honest show that I'm truly glad I got to see and capture.

This was an amazing moment. What surprised me most about this very mellow and "unplugged" inspired acoustic set is that Moby is really quite funny and charming. It probably has something to do with all that wheat grass he drinks. Plus Nick does a great job introducing Moby and even gets a round of applause when he mentions Capital Public Radio - Huzzah!

Oh and they cover "Ring of Fire" - which is awesome!

Moby played a numbered of his most popular songs "acoustic style" but his version of "Porcelain" struck me as the best. This featured Kelli Scarr on piano and John Shannon's band mate on flugelhorn.

Watch more videos backstage, side stage, around the Village, and all over the festival at Paduta's Facebook and Off Air's Page! You can take a look at photos as well at both sites: especially all the wonderful pictures we took during the Brazilian Girls set on Sunday night!

Next time . . . more interviews with members of the
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