Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exclusive Interview & GIVEAWAY with The New Humans!

TNHZ = Scott Simpson (Vocals, Keyboards), Mike
Steez (Drums), Cole Cuchna (Piano), and
Robert La Casse (Bass)
After winning a Sammie back in 2008, Sacramento’s indie electro pop outfit, The New Humans are finally releasing their very first EP called Avalanche.

Many have speculated when this talented quartet was going to put out a record. Amazingly they have been able to pack venues, gather a strong local fan base, and release a music video for their single “Fever” without one. 

And quite frankly, no one is more excited than The New Humans to finally have a finished and polished product that they were able to produce on their own terms. 

In an age of digital downloads and advanced technologies that make home recording simpler for musicians, it is certainly easier to create an album without the help of a label. However, an absence of financial backing does present some pretty obvious bumps in the road for any emerging artist seeking creative freedom: The New Humans are no exception.

Scott: We couldn’t go on a West Coast tour right now because I work a part time job, [Mike] teaches drums, [Cole] is going to school, and Robbie is the only one with a full time job. Sometimes it does seem a little out of reach without financial help. We do want someone to put the EP out after we release it, even if it’s a small independent label just to get it out there more, give us the ability to tour.

Left to Right: Cole Cuchna & Robert La Casse

Unsigned they have been able to release their first single "Fever" on iTunes and become a fixture of the local music community. 

Their infectiously catchy and powerful sound (an infusion of blues, swing, and electro pop) draws huge crowds to all of their shows. They have even created a cohesive sense of on-stage style. So what's the hardest part of the music biz for them right now: finding the time to promote.

ColeThat’s the most important thing about labels now. Anyone can make a record and put it on iTunes. I think promotion is the biggest appeal for artists right now. Not like “oh they can put me on the radio” or “they can put my CD in stores” - that’s pretty easy to do now. So, from our standpoint we’d just love to have our music promoted to extremes we could never do on our own.

Have them book a tour for us, or put us on the festival circuit, or put us in all the top blogs or ads in the indie press.

Until now, The New Humans haven't had the tangible product needed to send to labels - an EP that took two years to finish. Apparently, the completion of Avalanche took so long after their win at the Sammie Awards in 2008 that a Sac Bee reporter wrote an article called "The New Humans: Where Art Thou?" in 2009 wondering when or if TNHZ would ever release an album. 

What the writer wasn't aware of were the creative differences they experienced with their original producer. Eventually, TNHZ turned to local producer and owner of J Street Recorders and Alley Avenue Recording Studio, Ira Skinner to help finish off what they call "Avalanche V2.0". This proved to be a bold but smart move for the young musicians who say working with Skinner was a different yet immensely better scenario.

Left to Right: Scott Simpson & Mike Steez

Scott: [Our original producer] was more commercialized – [he liked to make] everything sound perfect – very formulaic. I’ve known him for a long time too, and he offered us a deal we couldn’t refuse, which was an honest offer on his part. Ira is actually the exact opposite. He’s kind of the hand on the board and he’ll give us his two cents…

Cole: If we ask for it.

Scott: Our first producer was super detail-oriented and [Ira’s] like super relaxed. Ira is a great musician with a great ear and definitely has helped us do some cool stuff to the songs. But as far as being there, he’s more like “I’m your friend, I like your band” – he’s more opening up his studio for us to use.

Robbie: It’s a lot more inviting an atmosphere; a lot more comfortable. 

Cole: He knows our sound really well [Ira’s played drums and extra percussion for TNHZ in the past]. He knows what we’re going for. And he doesn’t try to control it at all. 

Sounds like an ideal recording situation and if their track "All the Kids" is any indication Avalanche is definitely going to be an upbeat, electric, and fun listen - proof that all their hard work has finally paid off.

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To celebrate Concerts 4 Charity and SEMF are presenting the Avalanche Release Party with Little Foxes, Favors and DJ Shaun Slaughter at the Townhouse Lounge.

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