Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Sure, Paduta is really good looking, but did you also know we're pretty smart too?

To help spread the word about Paduta - Fresh Music Every Day (a site in the works that helps all types of musicians and bands to sell their music online and gives fans new music to listen to everyday) we submitted a presentation proposal for next year's round of talks at SxSW.

Some past proposals and talks have dealt with social media and band promotion, and heads of records labels, and artists like Devo have presented as well. Basically this is a pretty big deal, and we want in on it!

Our presentation is called "Must Have" to My Choice in Music Marketing and discusses the major changes in the way music is marketed to us. For example, in the past commercials were saturated with music from pop icons, music that we hear in multiple different formats and locations throughout the day (on television, on the radio, in our neighbor's cubicle, etc). However, in the last few years, agencies are licensing music from "lesser known" indie bands. In doing so, the average American (with the help of the internet) is given the opportunity to choose whether or not they like the song and want to buy it, as opposed to feeling forced to "buy into" pervasive pop music. We talk about why this is happening and how it will and has impacted both major and indie labels alike.

Also, our presentation features music and thoughts from local artists like The New Humans, DJ Mike Colossal, SIMPL3JACK and more about how marketing affects them, and where they feel the industry is headed. If Paduta makes it onto the list of presenters, we figure this would also be a great opportunity to showcase some of Sacramento's amazing talent.

So here's where we ask, no BEG for your help:
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Voting is currently going on and will close on Friday, August 27th

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