Thursday, September 16, 2010

YLOS: Phono Select Records

You LOVE our scene, and here's why:

Sacramento is getting a new record store!

Phono Select Records [located on 2312 K. Street - near Golden Bear and Sugar Plum Cafe] is opening their doors for the first time this Saturday at 11 AM.

There are a few reasons to be excited about and to support this new music shop: first off, it's only been a few years since Tower Records officially filed for bankruptcy and closed stores world wide. Not to mention, with digital music and a la carte download sale at an all time high,  physical album sales are inevitably down and the question of how do music consumers consume, and how will bands and labels be able to sell remains a constant debate.

Don't even get me started about opening a small business during this recession...

But here we have Phono Select opening a store (a RECORD STORE!!!), in a prime location I might add, despite the odds they have stacked against them.

Secondly, it was a community effort. Friends, and family of the shop owners/keepers volunteered to help unload lots and lots of boxes, price music, and inspect all the vinyl.

PLUS, they have already put together the first installment in the Phono Select Mix Series: Volume Control in where we get to peek into the collection of some of Phono Select's favorite audiophiles!


After reading about them more I am super excited to check this place out on Saturday morning. Phono Select is bringing back the neighborhood record shop, with enthusiastic staff members who look forward to letting you know about the records they love.

Be sure to stop by at some point Saturday, and after they close head over to The Townhouse Lounge for the Phono Select Grand Opening Party and get your dance on at a FREE SHOW!

Find out more about Phono Select on Facebook and Twitter!

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