Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lefse Records Launch Way Slow Series

Way Slow Series launches October 12th!
With the popularity of digital music downloads increasing, labels have been inspired to come with up creative new ways to get us to buy actual physical albums from their inventory. 

The CD packaging of Montreal's last album Skeletal Lamping could be reconstructed into a monstrous creature type-thingy. Vinyl purchases almost always come with a mp3 download.

Now local label, Lefse Records, has gone super DIY and launched a new collection called the Way Slow Series. According to their announcement today on both Lefse's homepage and Pitchfork, "each release will be a unique creation from start to finish."  Artists participating [Ganglians, Tape Deck Mountain, Sonny Smith, to name a few] will release music you wouldn't expect to hear from them. Limited edition cassettes, CDs, and vinyl, along with digital downloads will all be available. 

And here's the real kicker: the "physical products will be hand wrapped/sewn/carved individually for each release and presented as a heartwarming package of beautiful sound."

I'm in!

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