Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pics/Recap - Dum Dum Girls @ Blue Lamp 6/29/10

Dee Dee (vocals/guitar), Jules (guitar/vocals), Bambi (bass/vocals), and Sandy (who KILLED it on drums) make up the indie pop-punk band known as the Dum Dum Girls.

Though all the songs were written by Dee Dee in her living room on an acoustic guitar, the four-piece band were cohesive and quite frankly, rocked! There was all sorts of reverb, and beautifully executed harmonies...

They just recently set out on a brief West Coast tour with The Crocodiles and what I really liked to see were the girls bopping their heads in the front row during their tour-mates' set.

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Not to mention that it was extremely refreshing to see a band who were not only talented musicians but also really nice and down to earth.

And, since their debut album I Will Be (Sub Pop) is only about 30 minutes long, they were able to go through almost their entire catalog in their short but sweet set.

Watch "It Only Take One Night" LIVE via Off Air 

The Crocodiles were also amazing with all their distorted goodness and red floor lamps!

Last year I saw them as a two-piece, using prerecorded drums, bass, keyboards as back-up, but was surprised (in a good way) to see that they acquired 3 very new band members (one of them a very nice drummer who was working the merch booth before the show and said they have been touring with the Crocodiles for a little over a month). The result was a much fuller and enriched sound. 

They played tracks off their new Sleep Forever 7'' - which reminds me, be sure to head over to Fat Possum Records to listen and download the "Sleep Forever" single. I put it in my last post, but you should have a copy of your very own.
Let's not forget the hauntingly memorable performance by Sacramento's Chelsea Wolfe. I saw her walking around before her set and she was veil-less. So when she walked on stage with a black lace veil obscuring her features I couldn't help but make a note of it.

Make no mistake, you hear Wolfe's music and immediately think "goth" but once you see her live her chosen genre is really driven home with that veil.

What was wonderful about her set was that hearing her vocals live was almost better than her recordings. At one point, she actually backed around from the microphone cupped her hands around her mouth like she was about to holler and instead opened her song with her powerful and beautiful voice.

She'll definitely be someone to watch. Be sure to check out her new album The Grime and the Glow (Pendu Sound).

Next time....I post the first in a series
of interviews with some awesome local bands!

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chelsea wolfe is amazing. most captivating of the whole show.