Monday, June 14, 2010

Need a Bonnaroo Fix?

Me too...

Thanks to NPR Music's Live Webcast here are some of my favorite Bonnaroo performances thus far:

Dan Deacon

I've seen this guy before so I kind of guessed that he would put on an amazing show. He's probably one of the most joyful musicians around. Standing next to him, you can really feel how much he loves to make music! I mean just LOOK at him...

Photo taken by Me @ Luigi's Fungarden - not Bonnaroo 

The Dodos

The Dodos; credit: Shantel Mitchell
@ Bonnaroo by Shantel Mitchell

The Flaming Lips ... duh!

Flaming Lips
Another great photo by Shantel Mitchell!

Neon Indian???

Pictures splattered the internet after Neon Indian's NSFW performance. Indie blogs like the Brooklyn Vegan and Hipster Runoff reported (FALSELY) that the young electro-pop-rock artist purposefully brought topless girls dressed as "Indians" onto the stage to dance during his show.
Like I said...FALSELY!

Soon after, Neon Indian via Twitter politely asked the blogs that made the false and hasty claim to retract their statements:

"@brooklynvegan @hipsterrunoff Can you guys please correct the posts where you claim I 'brought' or 'hired' topless girls on stage? Untrue"

He continues by adding that: "Theres a rolling stone vid where they clearly say they ran past security. I'd never dream of being that tacky."

From what I can tell, neither blogs have retracted/corrected their posts...NOW who's tacky???

You can watch Neon Indian's performance now on YouTube. 

Next time...I make it a personal goal to write 
more of these bloggie things!

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Paduta.Com said...

CORRECTION! I have just read Hipster Runoff's "retraction"