Monday, June 7, 2010

Catching Up is Hard to Do!

Let's see if we can do this all tonight...Sasquatch Day Two: Old News is STILL News

Caribou is great!

"Sun" off their latest album Swim pretty much was one of the best highlights of the entire festival.

They were humble, excited to be there, and put on a flawless show filled with tons of energy and moving tunes!

tUnE-yArDs was charming and shockingly kick ass!

Singer/songwriter Merrill Garbus yodels, too!

Plus she records her instruments on loops, a la Jon Brion. While recording one, she picked up music from a nearby stage, saying that it "threw her for a loop" - a line she promised to use from then on.

Tegan and Sara are adorable - what I liked was how friendly they seemed. They draw the audience in, making each person feel like the concert is just for them.

Oh, and Tegan almost beat-boxed. Sara told her not to.

But she did take a cue from Kid Cudi and practiced her "call and response" skills...

When I say "Tegan" you say "Sara" ...

LCD Soundsystem exceeded my expectations. I may not know their prolific catalog by heart, but their music is great because it sounds so beautifully familiar, yet so distinctly unique.

Their fans however like to push...and crowd surf...seriously? People still crowd surf? And at LCD Soundsystem concerts?


It was Stephen Malkmus' birthday and we all sang to him (much to his chagrin).

They put on a pretty solid show, playing all of their best songs (they even started everything off with "Cut Your Hair"), and despite technical difficulties, and personality difficulties.

Now, I didn't see Pavement back in the day, and maybe Malkmus' classic "I don't care that I'm playing this guitar" (pictured to the right) mentality is a staple of the band's popularity and charm.

But, from where I was standing (up front!!!) he seemed to be characteristically apathetic.

Who cares was freakin' Pavement!

Here's the Rest of the Pictures from Day Two!

Next time...I post my reactions to Day Three,
Sooner rather later (keeping my fingers crossed).

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