Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paduta Is Business Trippin'

Paduta - Fresh Music Every Day is going to the Sasquatch! Music Festival!

Now I've been talking about it on Paduta's Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages (by the way thanks to all of you Padutans out there who have already "Liked," "Befriended" and "Followed" us).

The new scoop however is that with the help of the Sasquatch! Festival for iPhone app, I put together my personal schedule!

I'm so excited that for the next three days I'm going to post a detailed list of artists on my schedule including pictures, links, and a little background information.

And away we go . . .

Saturday May 29th
1:10 PM (MAIN Stage)

Brother Ali - Born Jason Newman in Minnesota with a rare genetic defect called Albinism, this American Hip Hop artist continues to defy convention and definition. His name, Ali, was given to him when he converted to Islam. He has released six albums and his latest Us (2009) received massive critical acclaim and was mentioned on multiple "Best of 2009" lists.
3:15 PM (RUMP Stage)

Garfunkel & Oates – a.k.a. Riki Lindhome (the tall one) and Kate Micucci (the one from the future) became a comedy-folk duo after they met up at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. Their song “Sex with Ducks” a parody of the so -called reasoning behind anti same-sex marriage campaigns gave them national attention through Huffington Post and the O’Reilly Factor.
4:30 PM (RUMP Stage)

Patton Oswalt – Yes, he’s Remy the Rat, but more importantly this alternative comedian is as funny as he is intelligent and insightful. His act questions religion (“Sky Cake”), perception, and the frailties of the human mind. Oswalt makes me laugh, but he also makes me think – the sign of a real comedic genius.
6:45 PM (YETI Stage)

WHY? – This indie/folk/new wave/hip hop trio from Cincinnati have released four albums since 2003 on Anticon Records. Their latest entitled Eskimo Snow was described by band founder, Jonathon Wolf, as the “least hip hop out of anything I’ve ever been involved with.” Their music is diverse and charming and should make for a great show!

8:40 PM (RUMP Stage)

Dãm-Funk – Los Angeles’ own “Ambassador of Boogie” comes to Sasquatch to promote his debut album Toeachizown – an exploration of groove and funk similar to greats like Prince, Slave, and Aurra. His modern sound attracted the attention of fellow DJ and Stones Throw Records artist Peanut Butter Wolf, helping Dãm-Funk gain national attention.

. . . And if I’m not TOO sleepy by the end of Day One . . .

11:30 PM (LATE Stage)

Deadmau5 – Like fellow indie icon Girl Talk, Deadmau5 is NOT a DJ. Instead, 28 year old Joel Zimmerman, makes his very own dance music LIVE using nothing but the technology on his computer. He has had a number of dance hits, including “Faxing Berlin.” He calls it a “technological orgy” – I call it an “I May Need An Espresso Orgy Just to Make It Through His Show”, uh . . . orgy.

Next time . . . the bands of Day Two,
and I shop at REI for proper "Gorge" attire. 


Anonymous said...

No Miike Snow, Portugal, My Morning Jacket? :(

Paduta.Com said...

I was actually able to see a live in studio and meet Portugal the Man (very nice gentlemen), and I've seen them live as well. My Morning Jacket - not really my thing. And Miike Snow I haven't heard enough of - though I may decide to see him instead of Why? But its a tough choice!

All great suggestions though!