Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YLOS: This Just In! Zach Hill & "Sacto Smile"

You LOVE our Scene and Here's Why...

Zach Hill former Hella drummer (he hella drums too!) is releasing his first solo album featuring help from No Age, Deerhoof, Devendra Banhart and many others. Oh, and did I mention A.) he's from Sacramento, B.) this was filmed in Sacramento, and C.) I recognize not only the kick ass chick who terrorizes Midtown, but many of the video's landmarks?

Alright enough bragging.

The album is called Face Tat (Sargent House) and will be released October 19th.

Track List (Courtesy of Pitchfork):

01 Memo to the Man
02 The Primitives Talk
03 Ex-Ravers
04 The 
Sacto Smile
05 Green Bricks
06 House of Hits
08 Burner in the Video
09 Dizzy From the Twins
10 Gross Sales
11 Total Recall
12 Face Tat
13 Second Life

Witness the destruction!

Zach Hill - The Sacto Smile from Sargent House on Vimeo.

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